Tanzania is one of the most populous countries in Africa, with a population of over 61 million people as of 2021.

Diversity: The population of Tanzania is incredibly diverse, comprising more than 120 ethnic groups. The largest ethnic groups include the Sukuma, Chagga, Haya, and Nyamwezi, among others.

Urbanization: While Tanzania is known for its rural areas, urbanization has been steadily increasing. Major cities like Dar es Salaam (the largest city and commercial hub), Dodoma (the capital), Mwanza, and Arusha have experienced rapid growth.

Youthful Population: Tanzania has a predominantly young population, with a high proportion of individuals under the age of 25, with 35.5 percent being in the 15–35 age group and 52.2 percent being in the 15–64 age group. This presents both opportunities and challenges for the country’s development.

Population Growth: Tanzania has a relatively high population growth rate, estimated at around 2.7% per year. This contributes to the country’s increasing population size and necessitates focused efforts in areas such as healthcare, education, and employment.

other Bantu tribes (includes more than 120 tribes)
Other Bantu tribes 62.5%
Sukuma 9.5%
Hehe and Bena
Hehe and Bena 4.5%
Gogo 4.4%
Haya 4.2%
Nyamwezi 3.6%
Makonde 3.3%
Chagga 3%
other 5%
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